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June 17, 2017 Fishing Report - Chumming for Blues

June 17, 2017 Fishing Report - Chumming for Blues

We took a party of 5 out off the south shore of Staten Island looking for bluefish. We left the the dock at 6am. 

Dropped hook at 6:30am, started to chum, and first fish was on board by 6:45am. Good fishing throughout the morning. We got medium to large bluefish, up to 12.5 pounds. Good water, not too rough or too still. Pretty nice day to be out on the water with good visibility and limited wind.

Near-constant action through the day. Pulled our anchor as the last fish came aboard.

Didn't forget to bring along the best EDC pen possible for writing down all those fish reports and accurately recording lengths, times, returns, of the day's fish.

Super successful day. Smiles all around. Every left with a bag full of filets and enough to freeze.