The Double Down II went out early in the morning in Saturday June 24th on a bluefish charter. There were six guys all, hungry for all the bluefish Double Down II could deliver.

Not seeing a ton of bait around lately, we were hard pressed to find a place to start the day. Our first stop was going to be one of our favorites for a make-or-break day. (No way we are going to disclose this location!)

We were anchored up by 6:45 am and with the wind blowing and rain in sight, we figured it was perfect for bluefish. Captain Dan and I (mate Pete) started to cut bait furiously for chum and chunks. As the captain got the rods and wire liters ready I started to chum heavy. As the boat settled into the current and the chum started to spread in a wide arc, it didn't take long for the bluefish to appear.

The first fish was small and as the day passed the fish got heavier and multiple poles were bent at the same time. With a chum slick in consent action the fish stayed around the boat for the next 6 hours. We caught enough for our charter and released, unharmed, the rest. 

By the end of the day tired arms and sleeping fisherman were the proof of a great day on the bay. Everyone left delighted with a bag of fillets and a memorable day fishing on the Double Down II.